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Wild Garlic and Cheese Scones

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

Wild garlic season is upon us! After a few failed trip in and around the school, Bobbi and I made a trip to Killerton on a hunt for the delicious leaf that is currently growing in abundance! (Thank you to all of you that sent me suggestions on where to find it!) We were wearing the wrong shoes (soaking socks about 10 minutes in) and we went the longest route to find it, but we got our steps in and didn't mind at all, Killerton has some amazing walks and views.

We eventually found our hoard and took it back to the school to wash it all and make it into some delicious goods! Including these scones and an easy peasy pesto. These are delicious on their own or dunked into some soup! We hope you enjoy and try it yourself! But be quick, wild garlic is seasonal!

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