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Roasted Cabbage, Muhamarra and Tahini Dressing

I've officially overloaded myself with beige buffet, cheese and cold meats, and its not even that close to Christmas. If you are reading this at any other time of the year, I know that you know what I mean! 😅 In an attempt to heal myself and snap myself out of the naughty nibbles, I had a look at some of the veggie recipes I had in my repetoir and found this beauty. I love my brassica roasted, the charred ends have a slight bitterness and the rest of the veg sweetens up beautifully.

Tahini is an absolute delight with all greens, and ive joined this with something that many people have not have heard of. Muhamarra is the Lebanese cousin of Romesco. Sweet and smokey roasted peppers are paired with roasted walnuts, a kick of garlic, sweet pomegranate molasses ( we know you need another use for that one you bought and havent used since) and smokey aleppo chilli flakes. This dish is a brilliant main all in itself, or works well as a side dish to some Roasted Chicken or Lamb. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did 😁 My body thanked me... Now where is the camembert?😜 This dish is also wonderful in the summer, you can cook the cabbage in the oven and char it quickly on the bbq, or give it a cheeky sine with a blow torch. It is also fully vegan!

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