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Updated: Apr 8

Think of this dish as the middle eastern alternative to pizza. Lamachun, pronounced Lamajhoun (lahma'joun) is a traditional flatbread originating from Armenia and making its way to Turkey. Flat breads have been a staple of middle eastern AND mediterranean cuisine for an age.

Unlike a pizza dough, this dough is enriched with egg, milk and olive oil, making it crumblier than the more lved chewy pizza dough.

The topping itself is the star of the show. You want to get hold of some really good lamb mince for this. The combination of the fatty lamb, fresh tomato and pepper and the aroma from several spices make this POP! Top this with some more olive oil, a grating of lemon zest and some finely chopped parsley to freshen it all up. Give this a go and as ever, let us know how you get on!

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