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Irresistible Mille Feuille recipe

How often do you treat yourself to a scrumptious afternoon tea? We're talking all the fancy things - tiny cakes, scones, itty bitty sandwiches, and of course the best tea you can lay your hands on. It feels like this is often a treat reserved for hotel and spa trips on special occasions. But why not bring the luxury of an afternoon tea into your own home? Try out our latest delicious mille feuille recipe - which happens to be a snippet of our own Afternoon Tea baking class. Join us to learn to bake light and fluffy scones, delicate mille feuille and the airiest Victoria sponge you'll ever set your teeth into.

Did you know that ‘Mille Feuille’ means ‘one thousand sheets’ in French? The name comes from the delicate, paper thin pastry layers used to create the sweet treat. Often made at home with puff pastry, it can also be made with a much thinner and denser type of puff pastry with the familiar combed white and chocolate icing pattern. In fact, although traditional versions have 729 layers, some of the denser modern pastries have around 2,000! Although you’ll sometimes find a commercial mille feuille with two layers like a cream sandwich, traditionally it is made with three and each layer is filled with whipped cream or creme patissiere. You might also recognise variations of the mille feuille called the vanilla or custard slice, and filled with set custard. The jury is out on which is better - what do you prefer?

Like everything popular, the mille feuille has traveled the globe and you can now find dozens of variations internationally. You can even get savoury versions stuffed with cheese! So once you’ve nailed our sweet mille feuille recipe, why not try a savoury one.


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