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Gooey Nutella Cookie Recipe


These cookies have to be one of my favourite sweet treats EVER. And a very easy recipe it is too! I actually don’t have a sweet tooth, which I think is very lucky because else I would be overly HYPED about all of the food and that will only ever end badly. (I love to eat, and I hate to exercise… a common issue!)

During lockdown No.1 I was one of the unfortunate people to lose their jobs because of the pandemic. I frantically searched for chef jobs (that were few and far between) I was very lucky to land a job as a chef at a Farm Shop café just outside of Cullompton. At this time Fordmore Farm Shop were doing takeaway food for those that wished for a treat in the week. Another part of the job was making sweet treats for the shop. In the early days this was a breeze as it was fairly quiet.

Then BAM. Our doors were open, and we were a proper café. And we were BUSY. Eat out to help out was both a blessing and a curse. We had very little time to prep between shifts but still wanted to produce as much as we could ourselves. I needed something I could whip up fast. And so, this cookie recipe was born! I knew as long as I had frozen balls of Nutella and cookie dough then I could get these ready within 30 mins.

They are so easy to make and never last long on the counter / in my home. They are best served fresh, but they still hold themselves well a few days after. You can reheat them or just snaffle them up cold.

These are a vanilla choc chip based cookies but you could pop so cocoa powder in to make them double choc chip madness!

We don't do this recipe on any of our current cooking classes, but for more chocolate treats why not check out our 'Chocolate Classics' class for your chocolate fix!


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