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Birria Tacos

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

These Birria tacos go down an absolute storm in our house. Once the prep is done you can leave this to slow cook for hours depending on your cooking process (slow cooker, oven, pressure cooker etc). Two types of delicious beef ( we used brisket and short rib) cooked in a sauce ( known as adobo) made with Mexican chillies, garlic tomato and onion. Slowly cooked so that the beef is melt in the mouth and pull-able. The once it is al cooked we take some of that delicious birria and uses it to fill a tortilla. Dip it in the juices from the sauce, add some cheese and then cooked in a hot pan like a quesadilla.

Once the cheese is all gooey, we serve them with a small bowl on the side with more of the lovely sauce , ready for you to use as a birria tacos dipping sauce!

Truly messy but my goodness are they delicious! How many can you manage?!

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