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Try this easy gingerbread recipe and make biscuit baubles as Christmas present ideas!

How far have you got with your Christmas shopping? We have 100% totally completely… barely begun! Buying Christmas gifts is probably a year long commitment that 90% of people squeeze into the two weeks before Christmas. It seems like this year people are looking for extra special treats to make up for the utter flopflest of the last couple of years, and that means everyone’s getting pretty imaginative in their gift giving!

Now, you can probably see where we’re going with this... food solves everything!

Of course, as a cookery school we would say that - but we really believe in the healing power of a good bake sesh. The Great British Bake Off is proof of that - our entire nation (and even several other countries) coming together around Noel and Matt’s wholesome bromance. The act of cooking can be energising, restorative and heal the stresses and anxieties of life.

Our go-to chillout is to nip into the kitchen to make gingerbread. When you’ve done it once, it quickly becomes a favourite recipe you can do on autopilot, and there are endless ways to get creative with it. Will you try adding different spices? Will you make a gingerbread house, baubles to hang from the tree, or package your gingerbread naked (the gingerbread, not you), and post it to friends complete with all the sprinkles and icing for them to decorate themselves? (We’re going to steal our own idea and try that out with friends).

Give our gingerbread recipe a go, and if you like it, why not join us on one of our irresistible Christmas classes?

We’d love to know how you get on with the recipe - take a photo and tag us on Instagram to be featured in our Stories!

Do you have more festive baking you’d like us to write about - maybe you’re not sure how to nail a Yule Log, or you want to perfect your mince pies? Drop a comment, DM or email to let us know.


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