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Peach Chilli Sauce Recipe- An easy step into Lacto Fermentation

Updated: May 8

Fermenting is SO in right now. From Kombucha to Kimchi, the health benefits alone are enough to inspire you into trying it yourself at home. A healthy Gut Biome is so important to a healthy lifestyle, which is why so many countries that preserve and eat fermented foods are so much healthier than most of us in the UK!

This unique blend of sweet peaches and spicy chilli's not only tantalises the taste buds, but also introduces the health benefits of fermentation into your diet. 🌶️🍑

It is hard to know where to start, and there are a lot of different methods and techniques used all around the world. So lets walk before we can run with this brilliant Peach chilli sauce recipe using Lacto Fermentation. The Magic of Lacto-Fermentation:

Lacto-fermentation is a traditional method of food preservation that harnesses the power of naturally occurring lactic acid bacteria. These friendly bacteria thrive in an anaerobic environment, breaking down sugars and starches in the food into lactic acid. Not only does this process extend the shelf life of the food, but it also enhances its flavour profile and introduces beneficial probiotics.

This recipe can be adapted with different fruits such as mango and even pomegranate. So enjoy the process and have a little play around. 🔥

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