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You’ve got to try this delicious and super simple Summer Rolls recipe (and you can make them vegan!)

Do you want to eat more veg? Or maybe you already eat a lot of veg and fancy a quick new recipe? I’ve got you covered! There is absolutely nothing like the crunch of a proper summer roll to banish the winter blues. They are full of the promise of spring - and are also great as the days start to warm up.

Ready in only twenty minutes or less, these summer rolls don't involve any cooking. Using freshly chopped veg (or even fruit - you can make sweet summer rolls too!) minimises prep time and maximises nutrition. These are a favourite of mine - for whipping up to take to parties, or snacking on when I gets mid afternoon munchies. They’re also fantastic to make with kids to help teach them kitchen skills, and to help make veg exciting. You can create a beautiful Instaworthy meal within moments once you get the hang of slicing and dicing your favourite vegetables, saving you time whether you’re making a working lunch or just feeling peckish. And for all our fabulous veggie and vegan friends out there - just swap out the prawns with the veg or even nut of your choice to make these totally vegan friendly. Voila!

There are also hundreds of different dipping sauces you can make to compliment your spring rolls, from regular soy to a satay, or even a teriyaki.

So let’s get chopping!


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