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The best Brussels sprouts recipe ever

Sprouts aren't just for Christmas people! Who wouldn't want to eat this incredible fiesta of colours and flavours anytime? We're talking green sprout goodness, smokey bacon, mellow chestnuts and the lip smacking sweetness of maple syrup. And just to send your tastebuds into o.v.e.r.d.r.i.v.e we've added a sprinkle of nutmeg to really crush those January blues.

Sprouts are so good for us they should definitely feature more regularly in our diets, and they can be pretty cheap too, especially when bought in season. They are in season in the UK between September and February, partly why they've become a typical Christmas favourite (or not, depending on who you speak to!).

They're full of nutrients with a range of health benefits including:

  • vitamin C - essential for the repair of body tissues

  • folate - producing white and red blood cells, DNA, and turning carbs into energy

  • carotene - converts into vitamin A in the body which is important for vision, a strong immune system and healthy skin

  • fibre - evidence suggests plenty of fibre reduces the risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and bowl cancer.

No wonder our mums always told us to eat our greens! But the ones we choose can make a big impact on flavour. Look for smaller sprouts with tightly folded leaves that are a healthy green. Larger sprouts, with yellow or loose leaves may be over-ripe and starting to lose their sweetness, becoming more bitter with age.

If you can't find sprouts, try cabbage in your recipe instead.


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