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Beautiful and Quick Beetroot Risotto

Our third 'veg of the month' is our friend beetroot. Is there a more wholesome vegetable? I like the way it doesn't come pristine from the supermarket: it's always a little dirty and smells like soil, with its tangle of roots often attached. Of all the veg, I feel like beetroot most connects me to where our food comes from - the earth and the hard work.

Beetroot is a bit of a wonderveg too. It can be grown most of the year in the UK, although peak season is June to October. We couldn't resist featuring it now because it's such a special veg! It brings colour to our diets, and with that colour comes betacyanin, thought to suppress the growth of some cancers.

Beetroot also contains heart and bloody vessel friendly nitrates that could lower blood pressure and the likelihood of stroke or heart attack. The way nitrates work could also aid in exercise recovery.

This beetroot risotto isn't just beautiful, it's absolutely crammed full of satisfying flavours and powerful nutrients. Refreshing and zingy with beetroot, celery, lemon and parsley flavours, add goats cheese (or a vegan alternative) to soften it round the edges and for a creamy effect. In only half an hour you'll have the perfect January lunch, or serve with garlic bread for a wholesome dinner.

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