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A Taste of Spain recipe - traditional Spanish cheese and ham croquetas

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

When did you last have Spanish food? It's such a flavourful and often easy cuisine - but don't rely on imitation risotto recipes or shop bought pretend tapas. Bring the sunshine to your kitchen with our latest recipe for cheese and ham croquetas.

Taken from our Taste of Spain class, you can expect more of this deliciousness on the class itself, where you’ll also learn how to make your very own alioli, seafood paella and creme catalana (delicious!). On top of your new recipes, you’ll also take away a number of new foundational skills including knife skills, how to make a bechamel, how to prepare seafood, and more. Spanish is really one of the best go-to cuisines to put you in a great mood - from jazzing up midweek dinners to putting on a party.

These croquetas are an amazing treat, side dish or party food. With a crisp, crumbly fried shell, when you bite into these little balls of joy the filling gushes out. Bursting with melting, creamy flavours, the ham and cheese dance on your tastebuds and are incredibly more-ish.

With only 10 ingredients and active prep of only half an hour (you do have to chill the bechamel for 2 hours) - you’ll find these flavourful bites become a regular in your house, and once you’ve got the recipe perfected you’ll find it easy to tweak with alternative flavourings. Try chorizo, mushroom, chive and more.

A great tip for these is to dice your ham (or other filling) very very finely. Apart from improving the texture of the filling - meaning you don’t get one or two awkward lumps of ham in each croqueta - dicing your ham extra fine increases the surface area, allowing the flavours to permeate the cheese for an even richer experience. Be persistent with creating your bechamel too - you will absolutely be able to reduce any major lumps and bumps but you don’t need to worry about it being silky smooth.

I’d love to see how your croquetas turn out! Tag Devon Cookery School in your social media photos!

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