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Sensational Seafood

Learn to Prepare and Cook Seafood and Shellfish (GF)

  • 75 British pounds

About This Class

Learn to prepare some sensational seafood with us! Our expert chefs will guide you through a hands-on class where you'll master the art of preparing and cooking a selection of exquisite seafood dishes. First, we'll dive into the delicate and delicious world of scallops. Learn the secrets to achieving perfectly Pan-Fried Scallops, with a golden, crispy exterior and a tender, succulent interior. Then, our chefs will demonstrate how to prepare a brilliant dish of Scallops Baked in the Shell, layers of thinly sliced scallops, topped with garlic butter and baked with a crispy lemon and herb bread crumb. Next, discover the crispy delight of Panko King Prawns. We'll teach you how to coat these juicy prawns in a light, crunchy panko breadcrumb, ensuring a perfect bite every time. You'll also explore the techniques to prepare and cook Mussels Mouclade, a classic French dish where mussels are simmered in a creamy, curry-infused sauce that will transport your taste buds to the shores of France and beyond! Whether you're a seafood aficionado or a novice looking to expand your culinary repertoire, this class offers something for everyone. By the end of the session, you'll have the confidence and skills to recreate these impressive dishes at home, impressing family and friends with your newfound seafood expertise. Everything that you prepare will be either eaten for lunch or will be taken home. We are actively trying to cut back on single use containers as much as we can! Please help us by bringing your own takeaway tubs for any leftovers/ goodies you have to take home. - UPCOMING CLASS DATES 2024 - Saturday 15th June Wednesday 17th July Saturday 17th August Friday 25th October NOTE: If you are looking to book for more than one person but cannot change the 'Number of Participants' from 1, it means that there is only one space left on the class. You will only be able to book one space.

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