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Pizza Perfection

Join us and learn how to make the perfect pizza. Including dough, sauce, toppings and more! (V)

  • 65 British pounds

About This Class

On this half day class, you will learn how to create the most perfect of pizzas! Whether you like it think and crispy of chewy and puffy, we have got you covered. Starting with probably the most important part of the process, the dough! We have been practicing our pizza making A LOT (no we still are not bored of eating it!) and during that process we feel we have settled on the best, no fuss, minimal effort dough. You will be making your own brilliant dough to take home and will use chefs own to form your pizza on this class. Next, we move onto making the rich tomato sauce, you can’t be topping that brilliant dough with a not so brilliant sauce! You will make a tup of this to take home as well as having some to use on your own pizza. And to finish we will show you the best techniques from shaping, topping and cooking to create the best home-made pizza that you will be craving again and again. Your chef will also demonstrate how to make a super addictive garlic and herb butter to top some mini dough-balls for that carb-on-carb slice of heaven (pun intended). And of course, we know that pizza never tastes better than when it’s fresh from the oven, so we’ll make sure you have plenty of time to enjoy your masterpieces after class. Everything that you prepare will be either eaten for lunch or will be taken home. We can provide pizza boxes for you if you wish to take it away. What you will make: • Pizza dough • Pizza sauce Techniques Learnt: • How to knead dough • How to shape pizza dough • how to cook the perfect pizza • How to make dough balls • How to make garlic butter • How to make pizza sauce Everything that you prepare will be either eaten or taken home. We can provide boxes for you to pack your items into should you have anything to take home, but let's be honest, I doubt there will be any to take home! - UPCOMING CLASS DATES 2024 - Saturday 11th May Sunday 21st July Sunday 8th September Friday 25th October

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