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Kids Sushi

Unveil the magic of sushi-making with our hands on kids sushi class!

  • 50 British pounds

About This Class

Welcome to the exciting world of sushi, where kids become budding sushi chefs in a fun and interactive class designed just for them! In this hands-on sushi class, young chefs will embark on a culinary adventure that combines creativity, learning, and, of course, scrumptious sushi! Led by our experienced tutors, kids will be introduced to the basics of sushi-making in a safe and engaging environment. 🇯🇵Introduction to Sushi Culture: Kids will discover the origins of sushi, its significance in Japanese culture, and the various types of sushi that exist. 🥒Fresh Ingredients: Young chefs will learn about the importance of using fresh and high-quality ingredients for sushi, emphasising healthy eating habits. 🍣Sushi Making Techniques: From rice preparation to rolling techniques, children will be guided through the step-by-step process of creating their very own sushi rolls. 🫧Food Safety Education: Children will learn about the importance of food safety and hygiene while handling raw ingredients. 🌟 Life Skills: Beyond the kitchen, this class teaches essential life skills like patience, following instructions, and creativity. These skills are bound to be valuable in the kitchen and beyond. 👫 Friendship and Fun: The shared experience of crafting and rolling will foster teamwork and camaraderie, allowing kids to form new friendships while bonding over their love for sushi INFORMATION FOR PARENTS THESE CLASSES ARE FOR CHILDREN AGED 8-14, PLEASE STATE YOUR CHILDS AGE UPON BOOKING. They MUST be able to reach and work at the height of a standard kitchen surface (900mm) without the use of a stool or other object to raise their height. Please contact us if you have any queries. This is a matter of health and safety. We ask that parents be on site ( there is a cafe on site) or within a short drive (10 mins maximum). Please inform us if your child has any dietary needs (this does not include things they 'don't like' 😉) Classes run for 2 hours and your child may have things to bring home after class. - UPCOMING CLASSES 2024 - Thursday 1st August Friday 9th August Wednesday 30th October

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