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Croissants and Babka

Roll up your sleeves and dive into the world of Croissants, Danishes and Babka with Rachel Pinnock!

  • 145 British pounds

About This Class

Join our croissants and babka class and master the art of making flaky, buttery pastries! Led by an experienced tutor Rachel Pinnock, you'll learn how to prepare delicious croissants, pan au chocolat, Danish pastries, and babka from scratch. Starting with mixing and kneading the dough, you'll learn the proper technique for rolling and shaping , as well as how to create the perfect buttery layers (also known as lamination). Our instructor will show you how to make flaky croissants, Pan au Chocolate and delicious Danish pastries.
 Last but not least, you'll delve into the world of babka, a braided yeasted dough that originated in the jewish communities of Eastern Europe, these are usually filled with chocolate or cinnamon sugar and after one delightful slice, you’ll know this babka was worth every bit of effort. All ingredients and equipment will be provided, so all you need to bring is your passion for baking and your love of delicious pastries. Sign up now and take your baking skills to the next level! You will be making: • Yeasted Dough for Croissants, Danish Pastries and Pan au Chocolate • Dough for Babka (Sweet braided bread, not a cake!) Techniques you will learn: • How to make the doughs • How to roll and fold dough to create lamination • How to make a croissants, Danishes and pan au chocolat • How to make a crème pâtissier • How to roll and plait a delicious babka What you will take home: • All the above! What a treat! Everything that you prepare will be either eaten for lunch or will be taken home. We can provide takeaway containers for you to pack your items into should you have anything to take home, but we do suggest you bring your own if possible! UPCOMING CLASSES 2023: Saturday 12 August Saturday 21st October NOTE: If you are looking to book for more than one person but cannot change the 'Number of Participants' from 1, it means that there is only one space left on the class. You will only be able to book one space.

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