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Christmas Canapes

Elevate Your Holiday Entertaining

  • 75 British pounds

About This Class

Impress your guests this holiday season with our Christmas Canapés class! This hands-on workshop is designed to teach you how to create an array of sophisticated and delicious canapés that will be the highlight of any festive gathering. Perfect for both novice and experienced home cooks, this class will provide you with the skills and confidence to serve stunning appetizers that taste as good as they look. Join us as we explore a variety of flavors and techniques to create canapés that are sure to delight your guests. Our expert instructors will guide you through each recipe, sharing tips and tricks to help you achieve professional results in your own kitchen. What you will be making: • Smoked Mackerel Pâté: Learn to create a smooth and flavorful smoked mackerel pâté, perfect for spreading on toast points or crackers. • Gougères: Master the art of making these classic French cheese puffs, light and airy with a deliciously cheesy flavor, perfect for any festive gathering. • Filo Sausage and Cranberry Cigars: Discover how to make these crisp and savory filo cigars filled with sausage and cranberry, a perfect blend of sweet and savory flavors. Techniques learnt: • Pâté preparation: Gain skills in creating a perfectly smooth and well-balanced smoked mackerel pâté, ideal for elegant canapés. • Choux pastry: Learn the secrets to making light and airy gougères, mastering choux pastry techniques that can be applied to a variety of recipes. • Working with filo pastry: Discover how to handle and fill delicate filo pastry to create crisp and delicious sausage and cranberry cigars. Everything that you prepare will be either enjoyed during the class or taken home. We aim to minimize single-use containers; please bring boxes or tins to transport your festive canapés. UPCOMING DATES 2024: Sunday 8th December Saturday14th December Sunday 22nd December

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