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Bao Buns and Beyond

Learn to create the soft pillowy bun that is taking the world by storm. The Bao Bun! (V)

  • 65 British pounds

About This Class

Gua bao, translated to ‘Cut Bun’ is one of the few Taiwanese specialties that has taken the western hemisphere by storm! Think of them as Asian Burgers if you will. On this class you will learn how to make, shape and steam these pillowy delights. And no Bao bun is complete without a filling! On this class we will be cooking up some delicious crispy marinated chicken and topping it off with spicy mayo and fresh and zingy Asian slaw. You will also receive a demonstration (and tasting!) of how to use that same dough, to make ‘Shen Jian Bao’, a pork mince and broth filled bun that is pan fried and steamed to create a fluffy bun with a crispy bottom. Techniques learnt: • Making Bao Dough • Marinating meat • Knife skills • Steaming in a bamboo steamer • Deep frying to perfection • Steam Frying Shen Jian Bao • Shaping Shen Jian Bao • You will make: • Steamed Bao Bun - Pillowy soft steamed bread • Crispy 5 Spiced Chicken • Pickled Asian slaw UPCOMING CLASS DATES 2023 -Friday 27th October -Friday 17th November -Friday 8th December

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