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Master the building blocks required to cook confidently (GF)

  • 145 British pounds

About This Class

This course is perfect for anyone who feels there are some skills they have forgotten, or some they have never learnt. By the end of this full day course you’ll be confident in mastering the building blocks required to cook more in the kitchen. During the day you’ll cover some basic knife skills, learn how to build flavours and balance seasoning in every dish you create. We always encourage questions and want you to leave feeling positive. This class can be adapted for those who cannot consume gluten. Please state this upon booking so that we can cater for this. Every aspect of this course is hands on. If you would like to make notes or film anything during the course then please feel free. You will be making: • Perfect creamy mash potato • Blanched and sauteed seasonal veg • Delicious Gravy • Pan Fried Succulent Saddleback Pork (All of the above will be your lunch!) • Beef and Pork Ragu • Victoria Sponge Techniques you will learn: • Knife Skills • Blanching and sautéing • Timings • Pan frying • Baking • Reducing to create maximum flavour What you will take home: • Beef and Pork Ragu • Victoria Sponge Everything that you prepare will be either eaten for lunch or will be taken home. We can provide takeaway containers for you to pack your items into should you have anything to take home, but we do suggest you bring your own if possible! UPCOMING CLASS DATES 2023 -Thursday 2nd March -Saturday 6th May -Thursday 15th June -Saturday 8th July -Thursday 31st August -Saturday 7th October -Thursday 9th November NOTE: If you are looking to book for more than one person but cannot change the 'Number of Participants' from 1, it means that there is only one space left on the class. You will only be able to book one space.

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