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All The Trimmings

Get Ahead For A Stress Free Christmas!

  • 75 British pounds

About This Class

Get ready to impress your family and friends this holiday season with our "All The Trimmings" class. This festive course is dedicated to mastering the essential side dishes and trimmings that make a Christmas meal unforgettable. Whether you're hosting your first Christmas dinner or looking to perfect your holiday menu, this class provides everything you need to get ahead and ensure a stress-free celebration! In this class, you'll learn to create traditional favorites and modern twists that complement your Christmas feast. Our expert instructors will guide you through each recipe, offering tips and techniques to elevate your holiday cooking and make your meal preparations seamless and enjoyable. What you will be making: • Bread Sauce: A classic and creamy accompaniment, perfect for pairing with roast meats. • Cranberry Sauce: Learn to make a tangy and sweet cranberry sauce that balances the richness of your holiday dishes. • Sausage and Sage Stuffing: Master the art of preparing a flavorful stuffing that combines savory sausage and aromatic sage. • Brilliant Brussels: Transform Brussels sprouts with bacon and maple syrup, turning this humble vegetable into a crowd-pleaser. • Gravy (demo): Watch and learn as our chef demonstrates the secrets to making the perfect, rich gravy to top off your Christmas dinner. Techniques learnt: • Sauce making: Gain confidence in creating smooth and flavorful sauces, from bread sauce to the essential cranberry sauce. • Stuffing preparation: Learn the techniques for preparing and baking a delicious sausage and sage stuffing that will become a staple at your holiday table. • Vegetable enhancement: Discover how to elevate Brussels sprouts with the addition of bacon and maple syrup, transforming them into a dish even skeptics will love. • Gravy mastery: Understand the key elements of a perfect gravy, from roux to seasoning, ensuring your holiday meats are served with the ultimate finishing touch. At the end of the lesson, enjoy a festive lunch featuring: • Pigs in blankets: Classic sausages wrapped in crispy bacon. • Mini roasties: Perfectly roasted miniature potatoes. • The Brussels sprouts made in class, served with your freshly made gravy. Everything that you prepare will be either enjoyed during the class or will be taken home. We aim to minimize single-use containers; please bring takeaway boxes or bags to transport your festive creations. UPCOMING CLASSES 2024 : Sunday 8th December Saturday 14th December

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