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Veggie Indian Feast with Nila Ross-Patel

Learn to cook authentic Indian food with guest chef Nila Ross Patel

  • 145 British pounds

About This Class

Join our Guest Chef Nila Ross – Patel in creating a delicious Indian veggie feast! This class is completely vegetarian, and it might surprise you that a large amount of authentic Indian food is! but I can promise you that those of you that eat meat won’t feel like it's missing at all. As with all our full day classes we will split the day into two stages. There is lots of eating and cooking, so here is the run down! Morning: Rajma - Using a variety of fresh and dried spices this wonderful red kidney bean dhal can be eaten hot or cold - wholesome, colourful and tasty. A traditional Indian staple, this dish combines a heady mix of savoury with the fresh tartness of lime juice and coriander. Paratas - To accompany the Rajma you will learn how to make unleavened bread in the form of spinach paratas, a lovely unleavened bread made from flour and spinach, cooked, and finished off with rich and indulgent ghee Indian style omelette – Another light and refreshing addition to finish off our morning. A brilliant omelette delicately spiced and cooked with salted butter. This dish hails from Gujarat where Nila's parents lived before moving to the UK. The Rajma, parata and omelette will be your lunch. Afternoon: Budjas (bhajies) – Traditional Budjas using chickpea flour, potato, and onion. These are not the stodgy tennis balls you sometimes get at a takeaway! These Budjas are much lighter and fluffier. Participants will make their own mix, and cook their own Budjas to take home. Yoghurt Dipping Sauce (Demo and tasting) How to dry fry spices – a very important part of Indian cooking is learning how to temper and fry spices to get real depth of flavour Techniques Learnt • How to balance flavours and texture within Indian cuisine. • How to make and roll yeast free flat bread. • How to temper spices • How to create a red kidney bean dahl • How to layer flavours with seasoning. • How to make your spices feel loved and used accordingly. • How to store fresh and dry spices. Everything that you prepare will be either eaten for lunch or will be taken home. We are actively trying to cut back on single use containers as much as we can! Please help us by bringing your containers for the leftover Rajma and Budjas. UPCOMING CLASS DATES 2024 Thursday 23rd May

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