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Spice & Smoke with Marcus Bawdon

A Middle Eastern BBQ Experience with guest chef Marcus Bawdon

  • 185 British pounds

About This Class

Join us at Devon Cookery School for an unforgettable culinary adventure as we team up with renowned BBQ chef Marcus Bawdon for a Middle Eastern BBQ experience! This exclusive cooking class will take you on a journey through the rich and vibrant flavours of Middle Eastern cuisine, all expertly crafted over the BBQ. Perfect for both BBQ enthusiasts and those looking to expand their culinary repertoire, this class promises a hands-on experience filled with delicious dishes and expert techniques! What's On The Menu: Lamb Kofta - Learn to prepare succulent and flavourful lamb kofta kebabs, seasoned with a blend of aromatic Middle Eastern spices, grilled to perfection. BBQ Wings - Master the way of the wing, infused with unique Middle Eastern dry rubs that bring a new level of flavour to this classic favourite. Baba Ghanoush -Discover the secrets to creating the perfect smoky, creamy baba ghanoush, a versatile and delicious Aubergine dip. Flatbreads - Get hands-on with dough as you create traditional flatbreads, the perfect accompaniment to our array of Middle Eastern dishes. Pickled Red Onions and Pickled Chilli - Add a tangy crunch to your meal with quick and easy pickled red onions and chillies, balancing out the rich BBQ flavours. Sides and Salads - Our chefs will prepare a variety of sides and salads for you to enjoy as you feast on the dishes you have created throughout the day. What You'll Learn: • The fundamentals of preparing and grilling lamb kofta • Techniques for achieving perfectly cooked BBQ wings with a Middle Eastern twist • How to create classic Middle Eastern dips and sides that complement BBQ dishes • The art of making and baking traditional flatbreads • Quick pickling methods for enhancing your BBQ spreads • Balancing flavours and textures • Expert tips on using Middle Eastern dry rubs to elevate your BBQ game This class will run from afternoon to evening. You will be having a delicious Middle Eastern feast for dinner and there will be ample snacking in between!

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