Simply Sauces

An introduction into sauces, stocks and dressings. (V)

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About This Class

Sauces can make or break a dish. Larousse Gastronomique defines a sauce as “a hot or cold liquid either served with, or used in the cooking of, a dish” Once you know how to handle the basics you can liven up any meal! On this one-day class you will learn how to make a variety of sauces. We will cover stocks, and how to thicken and enrich sauces whether by reduction, using a roux, adding butter or cream. We will also cover emulsion sauces and some sweet sauces. Lesson can be adapted for vegetarian diets. Please state when booking. Your lunch will be Roasted Chicken with New potatoes and salad. Your chef will demo a hollandaise sauce and you will all make a simple French dressing to serve alongside this. If you have any dietary requirements, please let us know on the booking form. (If you are unsure then please contact us before booking) You will be making: • Mayonnaise • Béchamel (White Sauce) • Quick Tomato Sauce • Sweet and Sour Sauce • Crème Anglais • Simple French Dressing Techniques you will learn: • How to make Stock (Your chef will demo this using chicken) • How to make a Butter sauce (Your chef will demo a hollandaise) • How to emulsify a sauce (Mayonnaise) • How to make a fresh and quick tomato sauce • How to thicken a sauce using flour and corn flour • How to make hot and cold egg-based emulsions • How to season a sauce to perfection What you will take home: • Mayonnaise • Béchamel (White Sauce) • Tomato Sauce • Sweet and Sour Sauce • Crème Anglaise • Simple French Dressing Everything that you prepare will be either eaten for lunch or will be taken home, so we recommend that you bring a cool bag if you are travelling far. We will provide eco friendly takeaway containers for you to pack your items into should you have anything to take home. UPCOMING CLASS DATES 2022 -Thursday 13th January -Thursday 17th March -Saturday 09th April -Thursday 16th June -Thursday 18th August -Thursday 29th September -Thursday 10th November NOTE: If you are looking to book for more than one person but cannot change the 'Number of Participants' from 1, it means that there is only one space left on the class. You will only be able to book one space.

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