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Korean Cookery

Get stuck into a new cuisine with our Korean Cookery Class!

  • 145 British pounds

About This Class

Korean food is on the rise in popularity in the UK. But many people have no idea where to even start with this rich and flavour packed cuisine. Korean food is hearty, boldly flavoured, and nutritious. Following the Oriental rules of the 5 tastes Salt, Sweet, Sour, Hot and Umami! On this full day class, we will venture into some of our favourite dishes that are sure to impress friends and family! Beef Bulgogi: Thinly sliced beefed in a sticky and flavour packed marinade, perfect on top of rice or rolled up inside a lettuce leaf. We will give you the tips and tricks to make this delicious BBQ beef in a flash. Quick Cucumber Kimchi: Thinly slice cucumber in a spicy sauce. Quicker than the real deal and just as tasty! Korean Sticky Rice: Perfect for soaking up the juices from the beef bulgogi! Kimchi Jeon (Kimchi Pancake): A gorgeously crispy yet chewy pancake using Kimchi (fermented spicy cabbage). This is a very popular side dish in Korea and is super quick to make Hotteok (Korean Sweet Pancake): A popular Korean street food! Traditionally stuffed with dark brown sugar, cinnamon and occasionally ground nuts and seeds. Korean Fried Chicken: Not a traditional Korean dish but very popular many parts of the world now! And it’s easy to see why! Super crispy chicken wings in a rounded spicy sauce. You will make: • Beef Bulgogi -Korean bbq Beef • Sticky Korean Rice – Perfectly cooked sticky rice • Kimchi Jeon – Kimchi pancake • Cucumber Kimchi – pickled cucumber in a spicy sauce • Hotteok - Korean Sweet Pancake • Korean Chicken Wings (Demo) Techniques learnt: • Korean Flavours • Seasoning • Knife Skills • Stir Frying • Shallow frying • Fermenting • Marinating • Cooking Rice Everything that you prepare will be either eaten for lunch or will be taken home. We can provide takeaway containers for you to pack your items into should you have anything to take home, but we do suggest you bring your own if possible! UPCOMING CLASS DATES -Thursday 2nd February -Saturday 4th March -Thursday 6th April -Thursday 25th May -Saturday 3rd June -Thursday 20th July -Saturday 19th August -Thursday 7th September -Thursday 5th October NOTE: If you are looking to book for more than one person but cannot change the 'Number of Participants' from 1, it means that there is only one space left on the class. You will only be able to book one space.

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