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Everyday Veg

The ultimate guide to flavourful plant-based cooking (V) (VV)

  • 75 British pounds

About This Class

Discover the delicious potential of plant-based cooking with our Everyday Veg class. This beginner-friendly course focuses on making vegetables the star of every meal, with an emphasis on creating complete proteins and maximising flavour. Whether you're new to plant-based cuisine or looking to enhance your skills, this class offers the perfect introduction to nutritious and satisfying vegetable-focused dishes. In this course, you'll learn essential techniques to bring out the best in your ingredients, creating meals that are as hearty and protein-rich as they are delicious. From perfecting the art of roasting and charring to mastering classic recipes, our expert instructors will guide you every step of the way, ensuring you leave with the confidence to cook amazing plant-based meals at home. What you will be making: All Year: Roasting and charring vegetables to maximise sweetness and flavour - Seasonal brassica with whipped tahini. Summer Menu: Green minestrone with salsa verde - Maximise the best of fresh summer flavours while getting a complete protein hit from the combination of white beans and pasta. Winter Menu: Plant-based lasagne - Lentil and mushroom ragu with quick béchamel - A hearty and flavourful dish that might even replace the most ardent carnivores' traditional recipe! Techniques learnt: • Roasting and charring vegetables: Learn how to roast and char vegetables to bring out their natural sweetness and enhance their flavor, transforming simple ingredients into culinary delights. • Creating complete proteins: Discover how to combine plant-based ingredients like beans, grains, and vegetables to create meals that provide all the essential amino acids your body needs. • Seasonal cooking: Gain insights into using seasonal produce to create vibrant and fresh dishes that reflect the best of what each season has to offer. • Perfecting plant-based classics: Master the art of making delicious plant-based versions of classic dishes, like lasagne, that are rich in flavor and texture, ensuring they are anything but disappointing. Everything that you prepare will be either eaten during the class or will be taken home. We are actively trying to cut back on single-use containers as much as we can! Please help us by bringing takeaway boxes or bags for your dishes to take home with you. UPCOMING CLASSES 2024: Thursday 22nd August 2024 Thursday 12th September 2024 Sunday 10th November 2024

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