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Beyond the Basics

Elevate Your Skills with Our Intermediate Cooking Class

  • 175 British pounds

About This Class

Welcome to "Beyond The Basics," where we take your cooking skills to the next level. Building upon the foundation of our Back To Basics class, this course is designed for those ready to explore more advanced techniques and elevate their culinary creations. Whether you've mastered the essentials or are looking to challenge yourself with sophisticated dishes, this class promises to expand your culinary repertoire. Throughout this course, you'll dive into complex flavours and refined presentations, learning techniques that will impress even seasoned food enthusiasts. From seasonal ingredients to expertly crafted sauces, each dish is a journey in itself, designed to showcase the artistry of cooking. What you will be making: • Summer Tomato salad with pangritatto, pickled shallots, and whipped ricotta: A refreshing and vibrant dish celebrating summer tomatoes complemented by savory pangritatto and creamy ricotta. Marinated flank steak with watercress puree, demi glace, and charred tropea onions: Master the art of marinating and grilling flank steak to perfection, paired with sophisticated flavors of watercress puree and demi glace, finished with charred tropea onions. • Winter Roasted butternut squash with hazelnut dukkha, pickled shallots, and whipped ricotta: Explore the comforting flavour of roasted squash enhanced with crunchy hazelnut dukkha and creamy whipped ricotta, balanced by tangy pickled shallots. Chicken Supreme with cauliflower puree, demi glace, and burnt leeks: Learn to prepare chicken supreme with a velvety cauliflower puree and rich demi glace, accompanied by the caramelized depth of burnt leeks. Techniques learnt: • Advanced flavour combinations: Discover how to layer flavours and textures to create complex and balanced dishes that showcase seasonal ingredients. • Precision cooking: Hone your skills in marinating meats, grilling techniques, and achieving perfect roasts, ensuring each dish is cooked to perfection. • Sauce mastery: Master the art of preparing demi glace and other sauces, learning the techniques that elevate dishes from ordinary to extraordinary. • Plating and presentation: Learn professional plating techniques to enhance the visual appeal of your dishes, making them as stunning as they are delicious. UPCOMING CLASSES 2024 Sunday 18th August Thursday 19th September Thursday 10th October

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