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Haggis Bonbon with Whisky Sauce

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

Ah burns night. I recall when i first heard of this Scottish celebration several years back... it went a little like this.

Me 'Oh are you coming for drinks this Thursday after work?' Friend ' Let me check my diary... Oh wait no, looks like im busy that night... got 'Burns Night' in calendar... not sure what it is and why its on my calendar though..'

Naturally this event wasn't something she had planned, but the calendar on her phone simply telling her it was that day much like it would a bank holiday! It did make me chuckle. Conveniently a Scottish colleague and friend of ours, after a fit of the giggles, explained what the event actually entailed. Safe to say at that time I was NOT keen on the idea of Haggis.

I actually only really tried haggis for the first time about 3 years ago when my old boss made some from scratch for the occasion. It really was delicious with a fab texture. Flavour wise i describe it as a cross between black pudding and hogs pudding with delicious barley and onions throughout.

If you arent keen and have ACTUALLY tried it then fair play. But if you are just unsure then i suggest you try them in this way. Pretty much anything can be made edible if not delicious by rolling it in Panko breadcrumbs and frying it...

Equally, I cannot stand whisky... straight up or in a cocktail i find it far too strong. But in this creamy sauce? I could put it in a mug and sip it down like a cuppa soup. Let us know how you get on with this one! You can buy haggis in sainsburies etc pretty much all year around, but if you go this week it is easy to find.

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