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Easy peasy pizza dough recipe!

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

An easy pizza dough recipe that gets great results every time! Last year we invested in an Ooni pizza oven, and boy were we excited to start our pizza journey! An over the last year, we have eaten MANY a pizza. Which in turn, means trying to find the best dough for that perfect pie. We wanted a soft dough, but ultimately, the puffy doughy crust! This year, I went DEEP into the world of pizza dough. The recipe I had was good, but was it perfect? Could I do more? I experimented with long fermenting (similar to a sourdough, but including yeast for a speedier process), a 9 hour ferment, followed by making dough, then a slower ferment (I can see you falling asleep already) Yes it was LONG!, delicious, but still not quite right. I tried a few other way but then one day when i was short on time, I went back to my original recipe, id had more practice with shaping, topping and practice with the oven itself. I am now confident enough to share the recipe with you all to recreate at home! You do not need a pizza oven for these, you can cook them in the normal oven, but investing in a pizza stone is a very good idea for those that want the real pizza feel!

Here are some of my top tips!

  • LESS IS MORE! Do not over load your pizza with toppings! You only need a small amount of sauce, and if using fresh mozzarella, dry it in some kitchen towel, at least half an hour before using. A wet mozzarella = soggy bottom!

  • Practice stretching your dough with your hands, this will give a puffier crust! Ooni have a brilliant guide for that HERE.

  • If you do not have a pizza over, you can cook your pizzas in a normal oven at its highest temp for 5 mins on a baking tray. If you want to up your game further then invest in a pizza stone and a pizza peel.

If you want more help with making bread, then our half day bread class is a brilliant starting point! And watch this space, we may even pop a few pizza classes up in the future.

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